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Setting goals high!

The Murphy’s have always believed in safety, fun and going one step above your best. Bryan and Theresa Murphy are native Texans and had moved to Colorado for 12 years. While living in the mountains, Makenzie Murphy (their daughter), wanted to try something new, after all, since 2012 Hunger Games was growing in popularity and Colorado had the Olympic Training Center. Put two and two together and Makenzie picked up a sport that has gotten the whole family involved

I will never forget her first intro class with her Coach Kevin Lewis (now owner of Quick Draw Archery in Colorado). The concentration and excitement on her face was priceless. Kevin said she has a natural talent. We were sold, three to four days a week and competitions on the weekend, we were driving up and down the mountains in snow, 8 months out of the year. But wait, high school was quickly approaching and those from Texas know, Friday night lights, food and family are very important. We missed home.

In August 2017, the Murphy’s moved home to Decatur, Texas. As Makenzie entered her Freshman year we promised great football and continued archery. We scored high with the size of her school, new friends and awesome football. However, we were lacking in archery. Having Makenzie’s success in USA Archery and Junior Olympic Archery Development, we noticed Texas had other great ideas for archery. WHAT IF???

What if we could marry the programs together and teach a round robin of curriculum that would fit most if not all archers? Who knows, lets start a small non profit and see where it takes us. April of 2018 Decatur Eagles Archery was formed to include a handful of students. September of 2018 we now have 50 regular students from all over Wise County.

Why the change? HEAT! We were practicing at the Wise County Fairgrounds from two nights a week to most recently three times a week. Big barn and no air conditioning was not too fun. ARROWS! Our students were grouping their arrows so close they were either hitting their own arrow or others. Coach – I need a new arrow, Coach – I broke an arrow vane, Coach … The hunt was on… How and where can we find a large building with air conditioning and can provide a work area for repairs and new equipment?

Three months of searching brought us to Nock It Archery Center at our current location on 2502 County Road 4421, Rhome, Texas 76078.

We hope that you will enjoy this adventure with us and make us all better archers. Let’s all go straight for the ‘x’.